PixBit - Pixel Icon Pack v17.0.1 APK (Patched)

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack offers a vibrant collection of meticulously designed pixel art icons, seamless customization, and a thriving community for Android users seeking a unique, retro-inspired home screen.

App Name PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack
Size 12M
Mod Features Paid/Patched
Latest Version 17.0.1
Update May 31, 2024 (2 months ago)
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Introduction PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack Mod APK is one of the leading novelty and customizable icon designs. To be specific, this interesting app can appeal to many Android devotees who are eager to spice up their device’s appearance with references to the past. Through an extensive list of available pixel art designs, easily manageable customizations, and a devoted audience, PixBit won the recognition of a large number of people who want to get an original and pixel-sharp Android experience.

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

The Pixel Art Renaissance

As the name suggests, PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack brings the pixel art design style that most are familiar with having origins from the early days of gaming and computing. It brilliantly combines this retro appeal with the contemporary in use, giving gamers a way to relive the good old days but with so many enhancements of the present.

Vibrant Pixel Perfection

Yet another strong point of the interface, all within PixBit, is a marvelous set of pixel art icons it provides us with. All of the icons in the application are made with great attention to the colors and details that incorporate the playfulness of the animals. Starting with game characters from the 8-bit era to Precise logos for applications, PixBit gets a diverse range of designs that are sure to impress the user.

Customization Made Easy

The feature set of the PixBit application is designed in such a way that it is quite easy to navigate and organize an Android device. Of course, it only takes a few taps to change the icons or even to make the entire ‘look’ of the smartphone ubiquitous. The application does allow for some flexibility in the use of icons within a given workspace, as users can switch between different icon sets and resize the available icons to personal specifications, as well as modify the tab names of the icons. This degree of flexibility allows users to build an individual interface that is unique and highly aesthetic; specifically for the home screen.

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

A Growing Treasure Trove of Icons

PixBit knows that the best way to get people to embrace new products is through the inclusion of options for personalization. That is why, in the process of the application development, it concentrates on its libraries of pixel art icons and updates them as often as possible. Some have been consistent releases and updates such that the PixBit holds more designs that its users can appreciate and remain relevant in customization.

A website must be created for artists who love pixel art and are in search of a comprehensive social platform to share and develop their pixel creations

On the bright side, there type of social network front built within the PixBit is one thing that differentiates it from other icon customization applications. For instance, one of the noteworthy features of the app is its social aspect; forums and galleries allow users to find other fans of the respective subject. You can contribute your artwork, watch others, and be an active member of the community that is passionate about pixel art.

The wallpapers that we have provided below will fit well when paired with the icons that you have chosen for your desktop or mobile device

Every theme requires a wallpaper for it to be complete and, needless to say, PixBit has a rich collection of them. There is a catalog of pixel art wallpapers, which once again match the icon designs featured harmoniously. The sighting option enables users to choose from several useful wallpapers to ensure that all the components of the home screen complement each other.

PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack

Seamless Integration with Launchers

PixBit nicely fits into the Android launchers, ensuring that users will be able to apply changes in the icons and wallpaper they want. At the same time, PixBit will also integrate well with any launcher that you use, including Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, and others.

Optimized for Performance

Therefore, PixBit is not only an aesthetically appealing program but one that does not give a raw deal on performance either. Naturally, the application is lightweight and optimized for low resource usage, which means your device’s performance won’t be affected even if you apply customization to a large number of icons. Sadly, lag is all too common these days but with quality coding, you can say arriving at a smooth user experience.


It has now become a norm to communicate through devices, especially smartphones, and PixBit – Pixel Icon Pack allows you to turn your device into an art. Due to its rich selection of pixel art symbols, easily customizable features and responses along friendly community, PixBit stands as an entertaining and very colorful platform. Allows retro pixel art along with the easy alternatives offered by the advanced Android platform with PixBit, the top preference for individuals who wish to personalize their Android devices.

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