Novelize MOD APK v70.0.1 (Free Premium Choices/Outfit)

App Name Novelize
Size 94M
Mod Features Free Premium Choices/Outfit
Latest Version 70.0.9
Update July 19, 2024 (5 days ago)
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MOD Info
  • Free Premium Choices
  • Free Premium Outfit

Come and play Novelize: Stories With Choices! Your choices will make the story happen and bring you through deep tales of different types. It’s a handheld game that combines interactive storytelling with player agency like no other. Here, what you choose reflects what happens next or how things end up turning out because there can be many endings depending on what path one took to get there. If romance is your thing or mystery, fantasy, or even drama – be assured Novelize has got them all covered in this amazing journey where every decision counts towards something bigger than ourselves. So let us now find out why it is so addictive as an adventure based on selecting options only.

Game Overview

Original Concept

Novelize: Stories With Choices is a world of interactive fiction where players become the protagonists of their tales. Unlike other games which simply allow users to select different paths along pre-determined stories, this game lets players make key decisions that change not only events but also character relationships and outcomes too – thus creating a web of possibilities woven around each storyline. From steamy love affairs to chilling detective series – every story in Novelize offers itself a rich context waiting for players’ choices; such an approach guarantees multiple surprise endings during each playthrough.

Simple Design

The simplicity involved in designing this game does not compromise on its intuitiveness; hence people from all walks of life can easily engage with it without necessarily possessing any prior gaming experience or knowledge. All one has to do is follow through chapters using buttons provided on screen until they encounter decision points and choose how they would like events within the narration sequence to unfold; after which they will be returned onto a new path where another set branches off from there again – bringing them closer towards achieving desired outcomes each time round! Therefore if ever there comes a day when one feels like unwinding after a hard week’s work then look no further than settling down with Novelize among other titles released today; however, if someone like me expects more depth from such type then rest assured simplicity never equates dullness at all!

Game Features

  • Interactive Storytelling: This feature allows players to make decisions that affect the relationships between characters, the plot developments, and the outcome of the story.
  • Many endings: Depending on what you choose during the gameplay there can be completely different ends to a story which makes it worth replaying.
  • Character customization: You can change the look of your protagonist as well as their personality or background – it’s all up to you!
  • Engaging Writing Style: Immerse yourself in intricately woven plots where different people talk deeply with each other thus changing everything around them in ways no one could have seen coming.


Choice-Based Narratives

In Novelize there are various choice-based narratives that players can see themselves in. Each decision carries weight and has consequences for the relationship between characters or the overall development of events in a story. So brace yourself for dilemmas like; what should I do if there is only one bullet left but two enemies are still alive? Or who should get this medicine me or my dying kid? Nevertheless, these stories offer not just alternative routes but also allow us to determine the ultimate fates of those we meet along our journey – whether they live happily ever after or die miserable deaths lie solely with us.

Story Diving

Give different storylines a whirl that is full of love, suspense, fantasy, or any other equally thrilling things! Journey with the main characters as they fall in and out of love, uncover hidden secrets, answer riddles, and form strong bonds with other people. With so many possible endings at every corner, Novelize is a great encouragement to curiosity-driven players who adore choice-based exploration games because here curiosity always pays!

Game Modes

Campaign Mode

This mode takes players through immersive story arcs set in various genres which offer distinctive narrative experiences filled with surprises around each turn.

Choices For Customization

The game allows you to choose character traits, looks, and decision-making methods that make for the most personal narrative experience possible. Make them reflect your preferences and let yourself be lost in our stories.


Novelize: Stories With Choices is a place where your decisions make up different tales set in various contexts such as love affairs or detective mysteries, etc. This is a game made for fans of interactive fiction who desire dynamic and satisfying experiences through multiple storytelling options and player agency.

Romance that takes your breath away; puzzles that drive you mad; fantastic intergalactic sagas that keep you up all night – we have it all here at Novelize! Let your mind wander down uncharted paths, where every corner has another curve waiting just beyond it while spinning intricate narrative webs across many different genres in our newest product: Novelize: Stories With Choices.

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