Kick The Buddy: Second Kick MOD APK v1.14.1507 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Kick The Buddy: Second Kick offers stress relief in an interactive, creative, and therapeutic virtual world. Unleash your frustrations and have endless fun with Buddy.

App Name Kick The Buddy: Second Kick
Size 175M
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Latest Version 1.14.1507
Update April 20, 2024 (2 months ago)
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In a world filled with hectic schedules and mounting stress, a virtual playground emerges as the ultimate refuge. Kick The Buddy: Second Kick Mod APK offers an unparalleled opportunity to release pent-up frustrations and stressors in a fun, creative, and therapeutic way. This adrenaline-pumping game takes the concept of stress relief to a whole new level, combining innovative gameplay with state-of-the-art graphics to deliver an experience that is both addictive and cathartic.

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


When you think of stress relief, the image of a small, resilient character might not immediately come to mind. However, in Kick The Buddy: Second Kick, players are introduced to Buddy, a lovable and surprisingly durable character designed to be your virtual punching bag. This time around, Buddy has undergone a remarkable transformation. He’s more interactive, expressive, and equipped with an array of creative tools to facilitate stress relief. Whether you need a target for your anger or simply want to engage in some light-hearted fun, Buddy is ready for action.


Dull is not a word that applies to Kick The Buddy: Second Kick. This game offers an extensive selection of environments where players can let loose and explore their stress-relief fantasies. From a tranquil beach setting to a chaotic laboratory filled with gadgets, the game offers a diverse range of scenarios to engage in. Whether it’s the allure of the great outdoors or the excitement of a high-tech laboratory, players can immerse themselves in the virtual world and relieve their stress in style.

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


The heart and soul of Kick The Buddy: The Second Kick lies in the extensive arsenal of creative tools at your disposal. Say goodbye to conventional stress-relief methods and hello to inventive and entertaining options. Ranging from traditional firearms to unconventional instruments of destruction, the game ensures that no two stress-relief sessions are the same. Players can experiment with a wide range of weapons and gadgets, including pistols, machine guns, explosives, and even quirky objects like rubber chickens. The possibilities are endless, and your stress is the only limit.


Buddy is not just a passive target; he’s a surprisingly expressive and interactive character. In Kick The Buddy: Second Kick, players can connect with Buddy on a deeper level. Watch his reactions as you unleash your arsenal upon him—his expressions ranging from amusement to annoyance, mirroring your own feelings. This unique interactivity adds depth to the gameplay, making the stress-relief experience all the more engaging and immersive.

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


A game isn’t complete without a sense of progression and accomplishment. Kick The Buddy: Second Kick offers an enticing rewards and achievements system that keeps players coming back for more. As you continue to relieve stress and achieve goals, you’ll unlock new weapons, outfits, and tools to further enhance your gaming experience. This system not only adds replay value but also serves as a tangible representation of your stress-relief journey.


In a world where sharing experiences is an integral part of gaming, Kick The Buddy: Second Kick doesn’t disappoint. The game offers seamless social connectivity, allowing you to share your stress-relief moments with friends and fellow players. Whether it’s showcasing your creative destruction or comparing high scores, the social aspect of the game enhances the overall experience, turning stress relief into a community affair.

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


Beyond its entertaining gameplay and interactive features, Kick The Buddy: Second Kick offers therapeutic benefits that extend to mental well-being. Studies have shown that engaging in virtual stress relief can have a positive impact on stress management. The game provides a healthy outlet for emotions, helping players unwind and regain their composure in a safe and controlled environment. By channeling stress into gameplay, individuals can experience catharsis and relaxation.


One of the key strengths of Kick The Buddy: Second Kick is its ability to provide endless entertainment. With its vast array of tools, environments, and objectives, players can enjoy hours of stress-relief fun without ever experiencing a dull moment. Whether you’re a casual gamer looking for a quick escape or a dedicated stress-relief enthusiast, this game offers something for everyone.

Kick the Buddy: Second Kick


In a world where stress seems to be an ever-present companion, Kick The Buddy: Second Kick emerges as your ultimate stress relief companion. With its lovable character, varied environments, creative tools, and therapeutic benefits, the game provides a unique and engaging way to release pent-up frustrations and regain mental balance. Whether you’re looking for a quick escape or a long-lasting stress-relief solution, Buddy is here to help you kick stress to the curb. So, gear up, pick your weapon, and embark on an unforgettable journey of cathartic fun with Kick The Buddy: Second Kick. Stress relief has never been this entertaining.


  • Interactive Buddy: Engage with Buddy, a resilient and expressive character, as he reacts to your stress-relief methods.
  • Diverse Environments: Explore a wide range of immersive settings, from serene beaches to chaotic laboratories.
  • Extensive Arsenal: Unleash your stress creatively with a vast selection of weapons and gadgets, including quirky items like rubber chickens.
  • Rewards and Achievements: Unlock new tools and outfits as you progress, adding depth and replay value to the game.
  • Social Connectivity: Share your stress-relief moments with friends and players, enhancing the community aspect of the game.
  • Therapeutic Benefits: Use the game as a healthy outlet for stress and emotional release, promoting mental well-being.
  • Endless Entertainment: Enjoy hours of engaging gameplay with a variety of tools, environments, and objectives.
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