Jobmania Eternal Dungeon MOD APK v2.24.3 (Defense Multiplier)

Jobmania – Eternal Dungeon offers a unique blend of dungeon crawling and job management, with humor, strategy, and dynamic gameplay for endless mobile gaming excitement.

App Name Jobmania Eternal Dungeon
Size 70M
Mod Features Defense Multiplier
Latest Version 2.24.3
Update July 10, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
Get it On Google Play
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Note: Mod only works for Slime Hero. Dont use this in tutorial Mode. Slime enemy get same function as yours so you need to defeat them manually. Tested on LD PLAYER. Damage and defense Link to Enemy too so deactivate when your enemy turn

Introduction Jobmania Eternal Dungeon

Calling all dungeoneers and card-building enthusiasts! Be ready to show your inner planner in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon Mod APK, a mobile RPG that combines the joy of strategy deckbuilding with turn-based combat gratification.

This peculiarly named game offers an interesting take on dungeon-crawler genre. Embark on an epic quest where you will assemble powerful decks of abilities, conquer massive bosses and reveal secrets of the Eternal Dungeon.

Overview of game features

  • Rogue-Lite, Random Enemies and Events Generation
  • Dungeon crawler, go down into the dungeon as much as possible.
  • Strategic deck building construct your deck by adding powers into chests or defeating enemies to add them in your deck.
  • RPG Turn-Based Combat System, Complex but Easy to Play. Defeat many different foes challenging yet addictive.
  • Equip three jobs at once, swap between them and use their abilities wisely for synergy that is very powerful
  • Combine jobs with materials to craft new unique jobs
  • Get new heroes from Gacha pool; enemies defeated from last run will be there!
  • Collect special relics enhancing your build even further
  • Many Memes Anime Movies References In Game
  • Free with ads and in-app purchases remove all ads at once purchase only.
  • Portrait screen only it can be played one handed too this is especially useful when have limited space on our device .

Core Gameplay

Building Your Arsenal: Mastering the Deck

  • Jobmania Eternal Dungeon thrusts you headlong into the world of deckbuilding. You shall gather vast arrays of ability cards that bring unique tactical advantages.
  • Slash through opponents with devastating strikes, protect yourself with shielding moves or even manipulate play area for better outcomes using utility skills.
  • This game allows you to strive for balance and tweak endlessly, yet conquering the most formidable enemies of all times.

Job Synergy: Unlocking Your Potential

  • One of Jobmania Eternal Dungeon’s most fascinating aspects is its job system. You can equip and even combine multiple jobs at once expanding your options in terms of skills and stat bonuses.
  • By experimenting with different combinations of jobs, you unlock powerful synergies that will allow you to make your own character build out of it.

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Jobmania’s Depths

Gacha Goodies: Unlocking the Unexpected

  • Jobmania Eternal Dungeon comes with a gacha system where players have an opportunity to get new abilities and equipment. One can buy these using the currency earned through gameplay or pay real money for more chances to win them.
  • The gacha system provides thrill to each game adventure. Every time there is a pull that reveals fresh card which could upgrade your decks or even bring in game changing moves on your armor.
  • Freemium model enables steady progress through gaming allowing users to earn enough free in-game money for regular gacha pulls. Nevertheless, waiting players or those specifically looking for one ability may use premium currency to quicken everything.

Pop Culture Powerhouse: A Touch of Nostalgia

One can expect the presence of some hilarious and familiar elements as far as humor in Jobmania Eternal Dungeon is concerned, with its tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture. The game’s dialogue, character design, and ability names will feature playful nods to popular memes, animes, and films.

These references give a sense of light-heartedness and provoke a ha! moment among players when they come across clever allusions.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or simply love pop culture, Jobmania Eternal Dungeon’s playfulness is bound to charm.

Conquering the Depths: A Challenge Awaits

Progressive challenge is what you get in the journey through the Eternal Dungeon. Each level delves deeper into harder enemies that require strategic thinking and a well-constructed deck for victory.

Unique boss mechanics tests your skills and demands adaptation of tactics. The feeling of satisfaction after defeating a tough opponent or making it through another part of the dungeon remains unrelenting.

Strategically deep yet highly replayable, Jobmania Eternal Dungeon assures countless future dungeon runs for years to come.


Attention all dungeon masters and disciples of deckbuilding! With its strategic depth, bits of comedy thrown in here and there coupled by continuously growing challenges won over forever; Jobmania Eternal Dungeon takes it all on mobile RPGs adventure as no other app does.

Strategy meets exploration meets fun with a hint of humor; this makes Jobmania Eternal Dungeon one RPG title no fan must miss out on. Download now; start your epic adventure today!

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