Idle Angels MOD APK v6.14.0.071905 (Attack/Defense Multiplier)

App Name Idle Angels
Size 790M
Mod Features Attack/Defense Multiplier
Latest Version
Update July 23, 2024 (1 day ago)
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1. Increase Defense
2. Attack Multiplier
3. Mod Menu

NOTE: Tested only in TD MODE. Not test for other stage. Ignore the apk version and update the resources upon entering the game.


Idle Angels Mod APK is a fascinating idle RPG game that has become popular among gamers the world over. A development of MUJOY Games, it combines strategy, collection, and progression into one. This article will discuss various aspects of Idle Angels, giving a general overview and some helpful hints to both beginners and experienced users. Whether you have just started the game or you need to optimize your gameplay, this guide will help to understand why Idle Angels is unique among other idle RPGs.

Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess


An involving idle role-playing game from MUJOY Games is called Idle Angels. It was released as an attempt to provide a different approach towards gaming and integrate it with idle mechanics. Players collect and upgrade numerous angels each with its own special abilities for building powerful teams for them to overcome various challenges in the game. The developers have made sure that players can both actively play and progress without being present at all times.

Gameplay Mechanics

In Idle Angels, the central part of playing is collecting and upgrading angels. Players can acquire new angles via summoning, events or rewards. Each angel has specific skills/attributes making team composition vital for success. Upgrading angels involves enhancing their skills, leveling them up, and also equipping them with good gear. To ensure maximum growth & performance during this process requires strategic resource management.

Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess

Auto-Battle and Idle Gameplay

The most prominent feature of Idle Angels is its auto-battle system.It enables players advance through the levels even when offline.The game goes on running itself continues gathering resources including rewards which boost player’s angels.This means that players are always advancing making it ideal for busy people.

Strategic Team Formations

It is crucial in Idle Angels that players master how create perfect formation s . There are distinct strengths of each angel so they must be combined strategically in order to achieve effective formations. Basing on the synergies among angels as well as balancing between offensive and defensive capabilities can significantly impact the result of any given war. Mastering the game requires experimenting with various team configurations depending on what is ahead and adjusting tactics as such.

Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess

Features of Idle Angels

Idle Angels keeps players entertained with numerous daily quests and events. These tasks offer precious rewards and give targets for every day. Essential resources are gathered by players through accomplishing daily quests while special events usually bring in time-limited trials, where players may get exclusive prizes. It is crucial to participate in these events for purposes of maximizing progress and remaining competitive.

Guilds and Social Features

Socializing is encouraged by the game through its guild system. By joining or creating a guild, you can connect with others, share tips, tricks, and fight battles specifically for your guild alone. In addition to other rewards, guilds contribute to fostering a sense of unity among participants which make this game more pleasurable & cooperative.To maximize one’s overall experience as well as open new room for growth it is important to interact with social aspects provided by Idle Angels.

PvP Modes and Rankings

For those who like to play competitively, Idle Angels offers various PvP (player versus player) modes. In the arena, players can compete against others’ teams and move up in ranking for valuable rewards. The ranking system adds an extra layer of challenge and motivation, forcing players to refine their strategies and improve their teams. Taking part in PvP modes is a great way of displaying skills and gaining recognition within the game.

Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess

Strategies for Success

Tips for Beginners

For newbies, it’s important that they focus on building a balanced angel team. First enhance your main angels to make them stronger when taking part in battles. Get involved in dailies and events to get resources quickly. Even when offline use auto-battle feature to keep moving forward steadily. Make strategic groups by watching out what your angel can do.

Advanced Strategies

Experienced gamers should concentrate on resource management as well as improving angel abilities. Experiment with different compositions of groups so that you may find the best ones possible. To test these plans, go into PVP mode where you will also earn prizes from winning such competitions. Remember that gears and skills need frequent updates; otherwise, your angels shall underperform during battles. Extra support materials may be found by becoming a member of active organization or guild.

Resource Management and Progression

Efficiently managing resources is crucial for steady progression in Idle Angels. Stick to specific upgrades instead of wasting money on everything else unnecessary. Regularly check daily quests and event activities generating resources faster than other ways . Unlocking even stronger angels as you continue will help maintain competitiveness against higher level challenges.

Idle Angels: Realm of Goddess

Why Idle Angels Stands Out

Unique Aspects

Idle Angels distinguishes itself from other idle RPGs with its rich strategic depth and engaging mechanics. Wide range of different features available upon calling each individual angel offers endless possibilities for team combinations and strategies. The game’s auto-battle system works to cater both the casual and serious players. It has active and idle modes integrated into its gameplay, making it suitable for a wide audience.

Community and Player Engagement

The active player community and developer engagement are key strengths of “Idle Angels.” This makes it a game that is constantly being updated with new content so as to maintain the interest of players . By organizing events such as community events and joining guilds, they create belongingness in their games. When it comes to the overall experience of playing, social features have added more fun than just single adventures.

Regular Updates and New Content

This means that MUJOY Games is always introducing new angels, events or even features in order to make the game remain dynamic. Whenever these updates come out, they introduce new challenges for each player as well as providing opportunities. The fact that there are regular additions of content show that developers focus on providing high quality gaming experiences.


Idle Angels provides an unmatched experience in the genre of idle RPGs. With its strategic depth, active community, and continuous updates, it provides a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced gamer Idle Angels holds something for you Dive into Angel’s world; learn about its functionalities hence regardless of busy schedule one can still play with it or go through this but one question remains unanswered: why exactly does this particular RPG deserve so much attention?

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