Grow Castle v1.39.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Grow Castle is an engaging tower defense game where you build, upgrade, and defend your castle with a diverse roster of heroes in epic battles and global PvP arenas.

App Name Grow Castle
Size 50M
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 1.39.6
Update May 29, 2024 (2 months ago)
Get it On Google Play


  • Coins and Crystals increase when spent!


  • Free purchases for real money (works with the Inteet tued on and authorization in Google services);
  • After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the menu mod, which has the following options:
  1. tu on the golden ho;
  2. endless auto-battle;
  3. endless diamonds;
  4. Skill points will become infinite once spent.

You can get banned for using the mod.

Introduction to Grow Castle

For many years, players have been enchanted by tower defense games for their action and strategy blend.  Grow Castle Mod APK is a new, popular, and immersive game in the genre that brings excitement to mobile gamers as they protect their castles against enemies’ attack waves.  In this tower defense adventure, release a salvo of arrows and marshal different heroes endowed with special abilities to guarantee your conquest!

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

The Excitement of Defense: Gameplay in Grow Castle

In Grow Castle, the main target is crystal clear – defend your castle from an army of stronger foes which are closing in on you moment by moment.  To accomplish this, you will need a tower system consisting of archers placed strategically along the walls of your castle. These archers fire ceaselessly at all incoming opponents until they reach your door-step.

However, solid defense goes beyond just use of arrows. And here Grow Castle really shines. The game has a huge hero system featuring more than one hundred twenty heroes with specific abilities each.  On various floors of your castle these heroes can be deployed so as to improve on offense or gain strategic advantage over the enemy forces. Just imagine how fire mage scatters flames over the heads of enemy hordes or when a noble paladin confronts head-on with his counterpart among the enemy ranks; possibilities for defensive tactics are enormous.

Remember about up grades! Both archers and heroes can be upgraded gradually to increase their damage output, health and special skills/abilities improvement. With clever allocation resources while planning upgrades you can create an unstoppable defender capable even surviving any siege.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Building Up Your Arsenal: Heroes and Upgrades in Grow Castle

Grow Castle’s hero system takes tower defense games to entirely new level. The game features more than one hundred twenty characters who each have unique collection of skills and powers that significantly affect defensive strategies.

What Makes Grow Castle’s Heroes Outstanding?

  • Role Diversity: There are different types of heroes including archers, mages and warriors. Archers provide constant long-range damage whereas mages exhibit massive devastating spells, and warriors serve as frontline tanks to absorb damages from enemies. These heroes can be chosen based on the type of enemy you are faced with.
  • Unique Skills/Abilities: Every hero has something extraordinary about him/her. One archer who is good in shooting arrows may be able to fire a burst that passes through several enemies while one fire mage could initiate showering meteors that crush entire troops. Knowing these skills is essential for formulating effective defensive formations.
  • Hero Unlocking and Upgrading — Obtain new heroes through game rewards, purchases or hero chests; after unlocking them then you will need resources to improve their stats and abilities even further so that they become stronger fighters.

Improving Your Defensive Edge: Mastering the Upgrade System

  • In Grow Castle, upgrades are crucial for building a solid defense line.  As your archers and heroes advance in levels, you can custom-make your defense plan accordingly. Here is how this upgrade system works:
  • Archer Upgrades: Mainly focus on improving their attack speed, damage output, and critical hit chance. When enhanced these group of soldiers can efficiently get rid of any enemy before he pose any significant threats.
  • Hero upgrades—each hero comes with a variant upgrade path that enhances their individual strengths. A fire mage may have improvements that enlarge the area covered by each of his spells while a warrior may upgrade his health and defense.

By managing resources strategically, you can build an all-rounded defense capable of withstanding the most brutal enemy assaults.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Mastering the Strategy: Tips and Tricks for Grow Castle

Grow Castle is a game where players need to think deeply.  Here are some important tips for new players to help them get started:

  • Key Placement of Archers: To maximize coverage and eliminate blind spots along your castle walls, arrange your archers tactically. Also consider placing stronger archers on key choke points where enemies tend to gather.
  • Choose Hero Skills Wisely: Not all heroes are created equal. You must understand which heroes will be able to handle certain situations better than others due to their inherent abilities. For instance, dealing with numerous opponents requires fire mages while soldiers should be used against heavily armored adversaries.
  • Be Economical in Management of Resources: Stock is finite but upgrades are vital. The improvements that will make the biggest difference at present should be given priority. You first need to raise key heroes and then gradually improve the rest.

Advanced Strategies for the Discerning Defender

As you advance through Grow Castle, you’ll come across more sophisticated strategies as well such as:

  • Hero Synergies: Some heroes work very well together because they have complementary skills/abilities. By trying out various combinations, this will significantly boost how your defenses operate.
  • Wave Composition Analysis: It’s advisable to study every wave’s makeup before making any final decision on who is going where within your team or among archers; this guarantees that right tools are available for countering specific types of enemies.

These fundamental strategies combined with these advanced tactics should turn your castle into one that cannot be conquered by any intruders no matter how many times they try it.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense

Beyond the Castle Walls: Exploring Additional Features

The game is more than just defending your castle from invaders.  It has other appealing features that make it stand out as a great game in terms of depth and replayability.

  • Daily Dungeons: These offer unique challenges and rewards each day that one can overcome to prove their worth. This resource farming dungeons are also a way of getting rare heroes.
  • Boss Raids: Team up with guild members for a chance to fight giant bosses. Killing these bosses brings honor and valuable prizes.
  • Guild Wars: Users may enter into agreements with others, set up guild wars, and contest control over the world.

These additional features introduce social dynamics and strategy which makes Grow Castle quite captivating for long periods.

Grow Castle – Tower Defense


Grow Castle combines strategic depth with engaging action for an exciting tower defense experience. Command powerful heroes, upgrade your defenses, and conquer a variety of challenges! Download Grow Castle today and immerse yourself in an epic quest to defend your domain! Share your experiences and strategies in the comments below – together, let’s build the ultimate castle defense!

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