Driving School Simulator (MOD ,Unlimited Money) APK v11.9

Driving School Simulator Mod APK: Buckle up and prepare for a realistic driving experience. Master the art of safe driving while navigating through challenging scenarios and diverse road conditions.

App Name Driving School Simulator
Size 1.27 GB
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Latest Version 11.9
Update June 27, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Introduction Driving School Simulator

Fasten your virtual seatbelt, this driving experience is something else! Driving School Simulator invites you to explore wide open worlds from the comfort of your couch. Are you a seasoned driver who wants to get better or just an ambitious beginner? But it actually offers a pretty neat blend of education and fun.

Game Overview:

Driving School Simulator puts players in the driver’s seat of different vehicles. Ride on high speed highways with a sports car, handle busy city traffic with a reliable sedan or feel a heavy truck at your fingertips. These environments are designed for life-like setting filled with every detail imaginable. Think about cruising down the sunlit California coast or going through hairpin bends along mountainous roads – the options are limitless!

Game features:

  • Realistic Driving Experience: The game has realistic graphics and accurate driving physics that give players a realistic driving experience. Players get the chance to drive various types of cars including cars, buses, and trucks.
  • Multiple Vehicles: Each vehicle category in the game has its own handling characteristics. This includes compacts, SUVs, sports cars, trucks and buses.
  • Various Environments: Different places where people can practice their driving skills such as cities, highways, country side roads or off-road tracks have been featured in the game’s settings. Every environment provides unique challenges to drivers.
  • Driving Lessons and Tests: Players can learn to be good drivers by completing driving lessons and tests in “Driving School Simulator”. Participating in these sessions builds players’ knowledge base and skill sets related to driving.
  • Manual Transmission: Players can opt for manual transmission while playing this game so as to make it more true to reality. They include using clutch pedals when shifting gears.
  • Traffic System: A lifelike traffic system complete with AI controlled vehicles and pedestrians is found within this game. Therefore, they must follow traffic rules like stopping at red lights or obeying road signs while navigating across other cars too.
  • Free Ride Mode: With free ride mode, players have the freedom to move around in the game’s environment without any objectives or missions. Players can practice driving and just enjoy taking their vehicles for a spin.
  • Multiplayer Mode: It’s a driving simulation game with multiplayer mode where several individuals can participate either competitively or otherwise as they play online together.
  • Customization Options: Players can modify their cars by changing their colors, adding stickers, and doing other cosmetic alterations.
  • Leaderboards and Achievements: The game boasts leaderboards and achievements that allow players to monitor their progress while vying for top scores and accomplishments against others.


Driving School Simulator is not only about sightseeing. Core gameplay revolves around mastering how to drive. Furthermore, the game comes with realistic physics engine that gives each vehicle its weight and handling.

A truck feels so heavy going up a steep hill yet a sports car remains nimble as you merge into a corner, learning traffic rules intricacies and completing tasks such as parallel parking or reverse K-turns makes it fun.

For an even better experience, this game allows players to choose between automatic or manually controlled gearboxes. If you are one of those people who want total immersion in-game then using steering wheel controllers will be ideal for you.

Game Modes:

Driving School Simulator gives you choices between the game modes which is so darn great.

  1. Career Mode: Start a curriculum-based learning experience by doing driving lessons, meeting driving tests and getting different vehicle licenses.
  2. Free Roam: Explore the world at your own pace. Drive on scenic routes, discover hidden treasures or simply practice your skills.
  3. Multiplayer: (Available on select platforms) Cooperate with friends or compete against others online! Whether its head to head racing or cooperative challenges try your hand at driving skill.


This game may surprise you with how deep and appealing it can be. It will satisfy both occasional players who want to unwind in a virtual setting and perfect their performance on a road in a safe and controlled environment. Its realistic car physics, various environments to explore, and multiple game modes make it an attractive package. So fasten your seatbelts, put the pedal to the metal and learn what it’s like to drive through Driving School Simulator’s immersive world!

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