CarInfo - RTO Vehicle Information MOD APK v7.51.0 (Ad-Free)

App Name CarInfo – RTO Vehicle Information
Size 95M
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Latest Version 7.51.0
Update July 20, 2024 (5 days ago)
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CarInfo – RTO Vehicle Info App is a full-fledged app created to provide comprehensive information about registered vehicles. It comprises various features, which allow users to get critical vehicle details, manage their vehicle documents and stay updated with the latest vehicle-related news.

Features of CarInfo – RTO Vehicle Info App

  • Vehicle Registration Details: Retrieve the owner’s information along with the registration date and other necessary specifics.
  • Challan Information: Check pending challans and fine details.
  • Insurance & Finance: Verify insurance validity and get information on vehicle loans.
  • Service Reminders: Set reminders for vehicle servicing and insurance renewals.
  • Resale Value Estimation: Get an estimate of how much money would you be able to sell off your car for.
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Status: Check the PUC status of your vehicle.
  • News & Updates: Stay tuned to what is happening in the automotive industry by reading different articles related to it.

Utilizing the Application’s Benefits

Vehicle Registration Details

Through CarInfo, one can access complete information about any registered vehicle. Users are required to enter the registration number after which they would be able to see the owner’s name, registration date/engine chassis no, etc., if needed other significant factors also could be checked accordingly.

Challan Information

Pending challans or fines against a particular motorized conveyance can also be known from this application. It helps people understand their legal obligations better so that they can avoid unnecessary penalties in future times.

Insurance And Finance

Users may check whether their automobile has got valid insurance coverage or not plus some more finance-related details might be there too if applicable such as loan taken against it etc., therefore all these should always remain just at the fingertips of every user who downloads Car Info App!

Service Reminders

Whenever any service is due like the PUC certificate renewal date the corresponding reminder shall pop up automatically on the user’s screen through the Car Info App. This will help them always keep their vehicle in good condition and save them from missing important deadlines like this one.

Enhanced User Experience

Resale Value Estimation

An estimate of how much money could be fetched by selling off one’s used car can be given through the app. This feature would prove highly beneficial for those individuals who are planning to dispose of their vehicles anytime soon but still want an idea regarding its market worthiness.

Pollution Under Control (PUC) Status

To know whether the PUC certificate of a particular motorized vehicle is valid or not, use CarInfo. It ensures that such machines meet environmental requirements set by authorities concerned with pollution control measures, thus helping in avoiding unnecessary troubles later on due to non-compliance with them.

User-Friendly Interface

The app has been designed so that people with little technical knowledge can also operate it without any difficulty… Its simple design enables everyone to find the required information easily…

Offline Access

Sometimes there might arise situations when we don’t have internet access but still need some important details related to our vehicle history … In that case, the offline mode should work perfectly fine where previously fetched data could be seen without connectivity requirements.

RTO Directory

Contact numbers of different RTO offices spread across India are provided by CarInfo which makes finding the nearest RTO office easier for public convenience whenever they face any problem regarding their vehicles or require services offered by these establishments.

News And Updates

To stay updated with the latest happenings related to the automobile sector, read news articles published under the “News” section within the Car Info App itself. Different types of information like new regulations etc., can also be found here which may affect the transportation system as a whole.

Role Played By The Application

Complete Vehicle Information

CarInfo plays a vital role in providing complete vehicle information. It does so by giving detailed registration details, insurance, and finance information along with challan status for vehicles that are registered under its database.

Simplifying Vehicle Management

Managing vehicles has been made easier with features like service reminders, PUC status checks, and resale value estimation included within this app. These functions will help users take better care of their cars as well as make informed decisions when they want to sell them off.

Improving Convenience

A user-friendly interface that can be used offline is what CarInfo has. It helps in the convenience of users. When there’s no internet connection, this app ensures that important car details are always at hand.


When it comes to vehicle owners in India, they must have the CarInfo – RTO Vehicle Info App. With its various features for easy use and accessibility without an internet connection, it provides an efficient way of managing vehicle information. This app will be able to help you out whether you want to check registration details; keep track of challan status; set service reminders or stay updated with the latest news on automobiles among others! If your goal is effective management of vehicle information with awareness then CarInfo should be your number one choice!

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