Broken Dawn: Tempest MOD APK v1.11.0 (Unlimited Currency/Energy)

Survive mutated creatures, forge alliances, and unravel mysteries in Broken Dawn: Tempest’s post-apocalyptic world.

App Name Broken Dawn: Tempest
Size 52M
Mod Features Unlimited Currency/Energy
Latest Version 1.11.0
Update July 11, 2024 (2 weeks ago)
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MOD Info

1. Unlimited Currency
2. Unlimited Energy
*Never decrease, need enough first

This is Broken Dawn: Tempest, an action-packed and thrilling RPG that unites quick combat with tactical strategy. In this game, you will be fighting hordes of mutants and other horrible enemies to stay alive in a world that has gone through the apocalypse. So what are the features, gameplay, and modes that make Broken Dawn: Tempest a great game to play?


Original Concept

A peculiar combination of role-playing elements and intense actions sets apart Broken Dawn: Tempest from others. A hero fights his way through a world dominated by mutants. The story is deep and it is enriched by an active combat system that will not allow players to relax.

Simple Design

The game uses a simple design that can be understood even by newbies in gaming as well as experienced players. Players will just take a short period before they can get used to the intuitive controls. Moreover, it gives detailed graphics together with atmospheric environments increasing the immersion.


  • Dynamic Combat: Engage real-time battles with fluid controls while keeping your opponents on their toes.
  • Rich Storyline: Discover engaging narrative as you delve into post-apocalyptic world mysteries.
  • Diverse Enemies: Fight against numerous varieties of mutants or monsters.
  • Character Customization: Power up your chosen character with skills and equipment available for customization.
  • Stunning Graphics: High-quality graphics as well as detailed environments are provided here.
  • Multiplayer Modes: Play multiplayer modes such as teaming up with friends or playing against others.
  • Special Events: Take part in some limited-time events that offer unique awards only obtainable during this time.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Use strategy to defeat hard enemies and beat obstacles posed by them.



The core strength of Broken Dawn: Tempest lies in its dynamic combat system. Players engage in real-time battles against waves of enemies coming their way. The fluid controls ensure precise movements and attacks. Moreover, players are allowed to use different weapons and abilities that come in handy when fighting their foes making each encounter different and thrilling.


A fascinating storyline is presented against a backdrop of a world suffering under an unexplained disaster. As one continues playing, the story behind the apocalypse as well as what happened to mutants will be unraveled. This is illustrated by in-game dialogues and cutscenes that add more depth to it.


Broken Dawn: Tempest features various enemies exhibiting their unique traits and attacking patterns. Strategies have to be altered for instance to overcome new threats such as swarming mutants or towering bosses. These enemies make the game always feel fresh and challenging.


The players will be able to choose from a wide range of skills and equipment options for their heroes. The character gets stronger by gaining experience points (XP) and looting items that can be used to upgrade him/her further in the game. It includes other customization options like special abilities, weapons, armor, etc., so you can develop your character according to your style of play.


The graphics are stunningly high quality enhancing one’s gaming experience with this game title. Detailed environments, realistic lighting, and impressive special effects bring the post-apocalyptic world alive. The visual design intensifies fights giving them an impact on players.


There are several multiplayer modes in Broken Dawn: Tempest where players can pair up with friends or compete against others online. Co-op lets you team up with buddies for tough missions while PvP enables intense battles with other competitors. Therefore, this aspect adds another social meaning thereby increasing the replayability factor of the game.


Special events are regularly held in this game. These events have limited time but they enable the players to obtain exclusive items and bonuses, which no one else can get. Therefore, participating in special events keeps the gameplay fresh and alive for players.


In addition to high-speed combats, Broken Dawn: Tempest requires cleverness from gamers. It is very important to deal with resources wisely, place your hero well, and attack when it is necessary. It is a strategic element that makes you play more intense and rewarding.



Broken Dawn: Tempest’s Campaign Mode serves as an introduction to the game’s narrative. Each level has its challenges and new enemies who become more difficult to defeat over time as you proceed through the levels. Finishing campaign missions yields awards, and experience points alongside advancing the storyline thereof.


Survival Mode becomes available if you want a tougher challenge; here endless waves of enemies are thrown at you by the computer. The objective is simple – survive as long as possible by killing monsters. This mode contains challenging tests where a few seconds’ mistakes will result in losing everything.


As stated before, it also has various multiplayer modes such as co-op missions and PVP battles among others. Multiplayer allows players to team up to complete difficult tasks together while competitive PvP battles let you test your skills against other people within your rank bracket. They make play social or competitive.


Broken Dawn: Tempest is an exciting action RPG with fast-paced combat and strategic gameplay plus a deep storyline behind it all too. This makes it stand out from other Action RPGs because of its many features and available game modes therein which include fighting swarms of mutants or finding out about the plot besides playing against mates among other things.

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