Angel Saga v2.15 MOD APK (Damage/Defense/Speed Multiplier)

Angel Saga: Embark on a celestial journey in this visually stunning RPG. Shape the cosmos, make moral choices, and engage in dynamic battles.

App Name Angel Saga
Size 271M
Mod Features Damage/Defense/Speed Multiplier
Latest Version 2.15
Update June 17, 2024 (4 weeks ago)
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Attention all defenders of justice! Buckle up your wings and get ready to enter the celestial universe of Angel Saga, an RPG game in which you are thrust into thrilling battles against evil spirits. As the brave angel Myel, you will explore treacherous and constantly changing dungeons, acquiring powerful abilities and collecting treasures to destroy the powers of darkness. Will you be able to answer this call and become a legendary angel?


Angel Saga has an addictive loop that combines exciting action RPG combat with strategic roguelike elements. Here is what happens in this game:

  • Release Myel’s Power: play as Myel, a mighty angel who can unleash incredibly strong skills. Fight off demonic enemies during real-time battles as you move through the dungeons. You should strategically tap and swipe in order to launch multiple attacks, dodge enemy missiles and rule over battlefields.
  • Accept Roguelike Difficulty: Each dungeon is randomly generated in Angel Saga, so it becomes filled with different enemies’ arrangements and dangerous issues. This makes gameplay unpredictable because players have to constantly adapt and think strategically.
  • Strengthen Yourself for Glory: When crawling through dungeons countless items fall upon your feet: loots as well as power-ups. Develop new skills for Myel by leveling her up or equipping her with stronger items making her grow into an unstoppable avenger of angels.
  • Dying Means Starting Over: Like any true roguelike title, death sends you back to square one in Angel Saga. But do not worry, angel! Every play-through provides valuable rewards and experience points that help to level-up Myel for future encounters. This cycle of domination & optimization fuels addiction behind Angel Saga.

Unique Features

Angel Saga soars beyond other ARPGs by combining various mechanics; below are some examples:

Unleash the Unexpected:

Angles with a twist! Randomized special skills are one of the unique features of Angel Saga. Along the way, you meet a pool of different abilities that can completely change your style of play. This introduces an interesting aspect of surprise coupled with tactical decision-making to keep your gameplay fresh and dynamic.

Craft Your Celestial Arsenal:

No more reliance on random gear drops! Angel Saga presents crafting as an option. Gather materials during your travels and make powerful weapons suited exactly for your fighting style. In this way, you can customize your character’s stats or try out other builds.

Challenge the Ascended:

Those who feel themselves real angels enough can face Angel Saga’s final challenges. Once you master the essential dungeons after improving skills, there will be a new world full of powerful adversaries beyond imagination awaiting to break you down.

Art Style and Music

Angel Saga pulls you into its visually captivating world that matches its fast-paced gameplay. The following are general details while specific ones may be dependent on if any resources made available in google doc:

  • Angelic Aesthetics (educated guess): We should expect some beautiful art style mostly illustrated in vibrant 2D format. If it is the case, the celestial environment will contain heavenly landscapes and structures; while demonic forces would be portrayed using scary designs which may differ from angelic beauty .
  • A stirringly soulful soundtrack: the perfect music for Angel Saga would be something like a grand, massive symphony that increases in volume during fights and battles causing a sense of haste and heroism. Soothing, calm tones could also accompany scenes of exploration underlining peace in paradise before the demonic invasion.


Angel Saga rises above other action RPGs as an exciting blend of rewarding mouse-clicking and strategic depth. Roguelike elements make it consistently challenging yet surprising with character progression system that drives your angelic ascension. Not only does such features as randomized skills and crafting keep gameplay fresh but also it opens up possibilities for hidden secrets which adds to the excitement even more.

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